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The Kitchen: A Communal Space Always In Need Of Space

It is a fact known wide and far that the kitchen is the heart of every home. People don’t just spend time in to eat or prep food; they use it as a communal space. From laughter to tears, the kitchen shares it all over the years what few people realize that even in the corporate world, the tiny kitchen or pantry is a crucial space. More than a place to have a drink of water or a bite of lunch, it is the area where employees can bond. 

That said, the kitchen is one area in a home or commercial building that is always in need of more storage space. In this article, we take a look at how rack manufacturers can increase the storage capacity of a pantry or kitchenette in a place of business and a kitchen at home. But before we dive into the how, let’s clear the why.

The Necessity Of Remodelling A Kitchen

Kitchen remodelling a necessity for storage racks in kitchen

In most cases, a kitchen is refurbished to upgrade it. After seven or so years, the kitchen starts to get old, and because it is a heavy traffic area, the wear and tear are extensive. These factors combine to one result. An update is needed once in a while. In a few cases, corporate kitchens are remodelled to fix an issue. For example, the interiors of the office were changed, and now the kitchen doesn’t suit the rest of the building or some sections of the kitchen have been inaccessible for ages and turned into dead spaces. 

One more reason to rebuild the space is time. If you are planning to lease the location for your business for more than half a decade (or already own it), then it might be time to remodel. As time increases, the speed of degradation increases, i.e., the kitchen will get more wear and tear in the 8th year of its life than on its 4th year. On the other hand, if you are thinking of shifting the organisations base, then instead of remodelling why not just declutter and deep-clean for a new look.

Now that the why is out of the way, it is time to understand the how. When it comes to corporate kitchens, shelving units and multiple racks are the way to go. The chances of it being used to prepare a four-course meal are nil. Therefore, the need is not of expensive cooking gadgets but lots and lots of storage areas where utensils and paraphernalia for every employee can be kept easily. The types of racks the kitchen can install are:

  •   Base racks meant for storing under the counter.
  •   Wall mounted shelves for above the counter storage.
  •   Tall racks with multiple shelves. They stand on the floor and reach the height of wall-mounted cabinets and are generally used as standalone racks in pantries.
  •   Corner racks are those like lazy-suzans which offer ample storage space in areas that are inaccessible.

What Racks Or Shelves To Utilise In A Corporate Kitchen?

Storage shelves or racks in a corporate kitchenCabinets, shelves, and racks cost 30% of an entire renovation budget. That’s how vital they are. From rollout trays to extra shelves to customer cabinets that reach the ceiling, they all are essential but cost a substantial amount. Having said that, it should be noted that functionality is a great splurge. You don’t want employees fighting for prime space in the kitchen to keep their lunches. With a few smart decisions, you can remodel a corporate kitchen with accessible space for everyone.Check out the recent prices of kitchen shelves from reputed organizers.

Pick the shelves or racks that best fit your requirements. Most are offered in a standard size, but they can also be custom made to fit your kitchen size. We bid you adieu with last few tips:

  •   Base cabinet shelves or drawers maximise a lot of space, and they are easy to access.
  •   Don’t leave the upper wall area empty; invest in shelves that reach the ceiling. 

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