Features to Consider with your new Dishwasher Purchase


When it comes to purchasing a new dishwasher, where do you start? What should you be looking for? Here are 7 features to take note of that you should consider when it comes time to make a new dishwasher purchase.

Stainless Steel Tub: What makes stainless steel tub that much better than a plastic tub? Four things: assisted drying, odor elimination, preventative interior staining, and quieter wash cycle . The stainless steel tub helps assist in the drying cycle by holding the heat and drawing the condensation to the tub walls off the plates and glassware. You will not encounter odor issues with a stainless steel tub as stainless does not absorb odors like plastic tubs may. Plastic tubs also can stain and change color from liquids like red wine, whereas a stainless tub will not stain. Finally, a stainless tub provides better insulation and is quieter than a plastic tub. If you have the ability to upgrade to a stainless tub dishwasher, it’s worth the additional cost.

NSF Sanitation Certification: What’s an NSF Sanitation Certification? An NSF Sanitation Certification is statement of credibility that the model met the standards for dishwashers. This is done through having a cycle like a sani-rinse, which is a sanitizing cycle on some dishwashers. It brings the water temperature up during the wash cycle to kill off 99.99% of food solid bacteria. Most dishwashers will top out at 145 degrees for water temperature during a wash cycle, while during a sani-rinse cycle the temperature reaches 160 degrees. This wash cycle does not come on all models and is not always called sani-rinse. It may be called something different. It is a great cycle option to explore, especially if you have kids, as it works well with baby cups and plates.

Adjustable Racks: Dishwashers are becoming more adjustable especially when it comes to the racks. Do you have large plates or large platters? Well consider purchasing a dishwasher that has adjustable racks. It will better allow you to fit those larger plates, platters, and pans into the dishwasher. Most of the time the top rack will be the rack that is adjustable. It will have the ability to be lowered or raised depending upon your preference. Some models may even include a third rack at the top. This is a great added convenience as it can be then used for silverware or utensils.

Folding Tines: Appliance manufacturers have also increased the flexibility of the times within dishwashers. Look for models that allow you the ability to adjust and fold the times in the dishwasher. Tines can be folded down to compensate for and fit larger items in the dishwasher. Tines can usually be adjusted on both racks but that will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Rack Clips: Some manufacturers feature clips on the tines of the dishwasher racks. These are great to have to hold lids and utensils in place during wash cycles so that they won’t get knocked around.

Decibel Level: Have you had to run the dishwasher at night because it’s too loud to have a conversation over during the day? Everyone wants to have a quiet dishwasher. Investigate the decibel levels of the models available and choose a model that has sound insulation package with minimal decibel output. The more quiet the dishwasher, the happier you’ll be with your end purchase.

Energy Star Rated: Choosing a dishwasher model that is Energy Star rated is a wise choice. Energy Star models reduce energy consumption, water usage, and help the environment. Most all Energy Star rated dishwashers will feature an Energy Star sticker or badge on the outside or inside of the dishwasher which will help you distinguish between models. Also, check out the yellow energy usage cards in the dishwasher to see how much energy that model uses in comparison to the average. Purchasing an Energy Star Rated and qualified dishwasher will pay off dividends in the long run saving you money.

When it comes time for you to make that important dishwasher purchase remember to consider these 7 features on your purchase. Each provide an added convenience and benefit that you may find useful. To start your shopping and research process, see our full selection of Dishwashers.

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