Trending Kitchen Designs for the Upcoming Year

Kitchen Remodelling

Traditionally, the kitchen was considered a go-to place in the house for meal preparation and to wash used utensils. But today, cuisine plays a preeminent role making it the vital point of contact in the house to bring all the members of the family together. Over the years, people have come up with a lot of ideas when it comes to remodelling their kitchen as it creates more warmth and beauty to the house by itself. Advancement in technology and socio-economic content, it has led to the requirement of having a well-modernized kitchen. Morden, clean, and simple trends have taken a special place allowing the flow of natural sunlight to come in enhancing the complete look of the kitchen.

Homeowner’s Favourite Kitchen Trends

  • Smart Kitchen

The advancement in technology has influenced almost all functionalities pertaining to the kitchen from gadgets, appliances to the faucets, and lighting making it a very smart kitchen. According to the convenience of the house owners sensors, smart appliances, etc. is made as an addition to the old kitchen setup. Many designers believe that a stylish kitchen is the evolving and trending design in Morden times. Features such as motion sensors in kitchen appliances, single-touch applications, smart refrigerators with alert systems, or an automatic coffee maker. Lighting systems with sensors and control over smartphones are the newest and the trendiest.

  • Change in Cabinet Colours

White is always the real classics when it comes to looking in all styles and designs of the kitchen, but this trend seems to be wearing out. Nowadays, people prefer the use of more paint colours or wooden stains. Having a mixed finish creates a unique accent to the whole look. Some of the neutral and natural shades such as navy, plum, black, and emerald green are entering the world of kitchen colour palette. It is but surprising that dark colours can provide an enhanced effect giving the whole kitchen a very luxurious, elegant, and dramatic look.

  • Transformed Designs, Textures and Materials

Individual styles from traditional times are still prevalent in the present, along with many others have transformed their designs styles, material, and alternative textures in the kitchen. After a day filled with stress, one would like to come to a home filled with simple and clean yet modern. Many are into removing the top wall cabinets as it makes the whole kitchen space look much more significant and a whole lot brighter. The utilization of space becomes more productive. Using textured material to open shelves or giving them a rough wood look gives a touch of a natural feel to the whole look. Textured tiles and tiles made of natural stone that is sculpted are the new fashion to provide a different point of focus to the kitchen in the house.

  • Quartz still Reigns Paramount.

Kitchen countertops still reign paramount when it comes to Quartz. The hardy material, everlasting quality, and easy to maintain, makes it a much better choice when compared to installing granite, which requires more maintenance. With technological improvement, manufacturers have come up with a range of colours, including effects such as natural stone, textured, more intricate swirls and bigger veining, etc. in Quartz.

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