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When it comes to Kitchen Appliances, I’m sure you’re probably familiar with the standard Range, Refrigerator, Dishwasher, and Microwave. But did you know that there are other unique Appliances that you may want to consider for your Kitchen? Here are 5 unique Appliances that you may not have known about to consider for your Kitchen.

Wolf Cooking 15? Steamer: Wolf Cooking Appliances makes a 15? Built-In Steamer that makes an incredible Appliance inclusion to your kitchen. The Wolf Steamer allows you to Boil, Steam, and Defrost food like never before. Boil up to a temperature of 140 Degrees Fahrenheit, keep food hot for a long period of time, and defrost frozen foods faster. With a 2-Gallon capacity as much as 14 cups of cooked pasta is no problem. This steamer is the real deal. Featuring a sleek integrated design, electronic controls, it even doubles as a slow cooker. Sacrifice the counter space and add this Steamer to your cooking Appliance arsenal.

Dacor Epicure Warming Drawer: Warming Drawers make for a wonderful appliance addition to your Kitchen. They allow you to keep food warm at a specific temperature for an extended amount of time. This Dacor Epicure Warming Drawer comes in four sizes; 36?, 30?, 27?, and 24?. Featuring electronic controls, 4 temperature settings, and 4 timer settings this Dacor Appliance Warming Drawer has it all. The 4 temperature settings range from Proof, Low, Medium, and High allowing you to choose the optimal temperature for your food. The 4 timer settings give you the flexibility from a minimum of 1 hour to infinite mode. You’ll love warming things up in your Kitchen with a new Dacor Warming Drawer.

Thermador Automatic Coffee Machine: Coffee anyone? How nice would it be to wake up every morning to a cup of fresh roasted coffee in the comfort of your own kitchen? If you enjoy coffee, the Thermador Automatic Coffee Machine is for you. This Coffee Machine features an LCD screen, steam and frothing aid, and the ultimate coffee customization allowing you to tailor each cup to your coffee preference. Forget the decaf and install one of these brewing beauties into your Kitchen to enjoy freshly brewed coffee and espresso at the touch of a button.

Fisher & Paykel Integrated Dishdrawer: Sure everyone has a Dishwasher in their kitchen nowadays, but this Dishwasher is different. This is the New Single Tall Dishwasher Drawer from Fisher & Paykel making the dishwashing experience easier offering the convenience of lighter loads. This Single Tall Dishdrawer has all of the features of a standard 24? Tall Tub Dishwasher and then some. Save Energy while washing up to 13? plates, plus long stemware glasses, making cleaning up after dinner parties a breeze. Let Fisher & Paykel help you do the dishes and add this Dishdrawer to your Kitchen. You will not be disappointed.

Wolf Cooking 15? Fryer: Here is another Appliance from Wolf Cooking, the 15? Built-In Fryer. Do you enjoy fried foods? This top of the line Fryer gives you the convenience of being able to fry your favorite foods in the comfort of your own kitchen. This Fryer can handle large portions of food, including a whole chicken, and will enable you to seal in great flavor without absorbing the unnecessary grease. Built-In with a sleek design this fryer would pairs perfectly next to the steamer above. You’ll love the melt feature, digital temperature read-out, and large 1 1/4 gallon capacity. Install this Fryer in your kitchen, invite some friends over, and have fun with your food.

Each of these Appliances are more unique than the average inclusions in your Kitchen. If you have the space, the desire, or the need for any one of these Appliances, you’ll be pleased to add any one of the following to your Kitchen. Are we forgetting any other unique Appliances that you can think of? Mention them here and we’ll include them in a future

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